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MUDr. Univ. Prag Zdenka Badal
Private practice for personalized Medicine
The practice spectrum, aside from including the entire bandwidth of neurology and anti-ageing medicine, also includes consultations regarding the following focus areas:
  • Headaches

    Different HEADACHE TYPES are diagnosed, particularly those that run over a long period of time, for example chronic migraines (with the option of a botulinum toxin, “Botox” treatment).

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    Stress related illnesses

    TRESS and STRESS RELATED ILLNESSES for example in the field of neurology, such as insomnia, headaches, obesity or an increased susceptibility to infections more


    FATIGUE (exhaustion) is a common accompanying symptom of many chronic illnesses such as MS, Parkinson, Fibromyalgia, inflammatory illnesses, Neuroborreliosis or Cancer. more

  • Anti-ageing

    ANTI-AGEING MEDICINE serves to indentify and prevent old age sicknesses. Health measures regarding nutrition and sport are used, as well as balancing out already present deficiencies, for example in the case of vital substance or hormone deficiencies. more


    On the basis of an extensive anamnesis and a clinical examination as well as further diagnostic measures where necessary, an exact diagnosis can be given. more


    A complex therapy based on orthomolecular medicine, hormone therapy, neurotransmitter stabilization and the offsetting of nutritional deficiencies and co-factors is used. more